Leading YOUR TEAM through the mental and emotional demands of your teachers and families.  

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

8:30am-4:30pm EST  

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July 28, 2020

You’ve had to make more decisions than you can count that have been harder than you ever dreamed!

And many of you have been brought to your knees with your staff, families, finances, and your local governor’s ability to make decisions and change them 5 minutes later

You’re doing the best you can to make that happen on your own: 

  • joining every webinar…

  • reading articles…and the CDC guidelines a thousand times
  • falling asleep late at night over the rules for the PPP loan and wondering how much therapy will cost for the PTSD of every decision… 

You’re fed up with walking into school and immediately being inundated with requests, demands, questions, and problems

… that keeps you running around like a headless chicken until halfway through the afternoon – and the worst part of it is, none of those things are terribly important.

You wonder, when will this all be over?!

you built this school to be a leader and create an exciting and educational atmosphere for the next generation to grow – but you’re getting bogged down in all of the nitty-gritty day-to-day details, without any time to even think about the bigger picture of your school culture and do what you SHOULD be doing – being the visionary.


Guess what? It doesn’t have to be like this…

You CAN have a school of excellence –  a place of work and learning that promotes a growth atmosphere, where your staff are able to take ownership of decisions – because they’re empowered to do it the RIGHT way.

You simply need the proven systems that have helped hundreds of school owners and directors just like you finally get the thriving, successful school they want — without devoting every spare moment to it… and without neglecting their families and self-care into the bargain!

The real problem

Let’s talk about this for a minute.

A school of excellence isn’t as easy as “educational experts” lead you to believe.

Here’s what you’ve probably been focusing on.. 

  • Re-motivating the staff – like “give your teachers $10 gift cards to Starbucks to create a happy work environment” but they’re not addressing the root of WHY you might have a low staff retention rate. And why are the burned out to begin with?
  • Health guidelines and rations- how many kids to have in each class, how do we social distance 18-month olds? Who wrote these guidelines? Do they even have kids?!
  • Enrollment and marketing but you just can’t seem to pinpoint how to get the families to come back and bring your school back to its glory days. 

Here is where you need to start…



Imagine if you could have a school with a collaborative culture, that positively impacts the lives of children, has a team of engaged teachers who take ownership and frees up the school leader’s time so they can confidently focus on the big picture strategies and growth…


Instead of being a school leader that’s on a hamster wheel of fighting fires, chronic overwhelm, time starvation, and no personal life dealing with unappreciative parents and underperforming teachers?

Hi, I’m Chanie Wilschanski!

Chanie Wilschanski is an Early Childhood Leadership Coach who has worked with hundreds of EC Directors and School Owners who are working to build a School of Excellence with higher staff retention, teacher motivation, parent partnership and a collaborative culture.
Chanie began her journey over a decade ago, teaching toddlers at the acclaimed Preschool of the Arts in New York City for 8 years until she continued her path into high studies and earned her Masters in EC and Special Education.

In 2015, she started training teachers and school leaders on the HOW part of creating excellence in their schools.

Chanie has been featured in publications and websites like NBC News, FairyDust Teaching, KangarooTime, she has also been a guest on Himama and Early Years TV.

Now a wife and mother of 4, her hands are full and she understands what it takes to lead a large center and have a full-time job at home, and it breaks my heart when I see so many dedicated school leaders sacrificing all of their time with their family and all of their self care (what self care?) to a school that feels like it’s constantly getting away from them.

There’s a big void in the educational space these days

NO ONE is talking about the MENTAL HEALTH in schools.

They’re talking marketing, holding staff accountable through consequences, quick-fix solutions like throwing gift cards at teachers to keep them loyal, and all the loans and what hand sanitizer to buy…

But this isn’t solving the problems of…

  • More suicide deaths in high lockdown states than actual COVID deaths! I know of 5 attempted suicides from teachers! This is NOT A JOKE. Our nation and our staff are in major distress. 
  • 911 calls for domestic violence is UP! – couples are struggling hard. I personally know of 7 divorces since lockdown. And how many are suffering in silence? 
  • Emotional accessibility creep, getting caught up in other people’s problems all day and feeling responsible and guilty for what’s happening…


The Ripple Effect 

When you invest in yourself, when you change yourself, you start a ripple effect.

That single action that you take, that single piece of work you do will span out and start the process of change.

And when you keep doing the work?

It ripples across your school.

It ripples across your teachers.

It ripples across your parents.

And finally, it impacts the child.

We need to change and grow as people, as educators, and as leaders because the change STARTS WITH YOU.

To truly impact our kids and the next generation, we need to BE better leaders.

Are you wondering if this is real?

Now, you might be feeling skeptical.

You need REAL solutions, I know. What would that look like?



Not cookie-cutter downloadables off of Google, but systems that are proven to work and CUSTOMIZED for your school, your philosophies, your personality.



Training on how to communicate effectively with anyone, whether it’s frustrated teachers or difficult parents, so that you can arrive at a solution without you feeling like you’re constantly giving in because you’re too tired to argue.


We are never done growing as a leader. The real question is HOW. How do you consistently uplevel yourself? This is exactly what we do during the event.


Being around others who understand your struggles, can relate to your problems, and give you the encouragement to keep going and staying the course.

I created Systems for Success Virtual Event especially for school directors and owners like you to help you create a school of excellence — because you need a real, lasting solution!

Your passion just exudes from you!

Chanie Wilschanski this was just another amazing event that you and your team took an incredible amount of time to plan for owners and directors. Your passion just exudes from you. And we were priviledged to soak it in!

Sharon Hopson

Our attendees have said…

– you hit it “out of the ball park” amazing!

Everything about this event was incredible – you hit it “out of the ball park” amazing!

Some of my key takeaways were clear calendar planning and scheduling, setting up standards, and reframing.

Dr Diaz was incredible, so entertaining and funny, and I loved trouble-shooting with her. Rivka Caroline gave great tips and reminders to get exponential returns on our time.

It was so nice to meet people from other states who are dealing with the same issues and who care about the things you care about.


Elana Fertig

– all of these wins were due to you Chanie –

Oh my gosh! Just finished the first week back with my teachers for professional development and classroom set up. Our welcome back day, I held the training to introduce our theme of positivity and accountability! We engaged in two fun activities and games. the teachers had fun and I saw excitement in their faces WIN

I wrote my first handwritten thank you note to one of our floaters who went above and beyond to help each team and the admin team in so many ways. I introduced “staff stock” ways to earn extra PTO days and team lunch. I offered one classroom a free lunch in gratitude for their teamwork and setting up our new classroom which was missing a lot of materials. I addressed an issue with a staff member that upset right away instead of shrugging it off and she actually appreciated it! I really feel like all of these wins were due to you Chanie Wilschanski, the Summit and the support of this group. Thank YOU all!

Dana Beth

– what I learned from you – has changed my life

“When I walk into meetings, I feel like I’m wearing my own shoes. I’m coming in as the owner of a company that survived 20 years. We’re opening our third school in June, we’re successful, we’re one of the best schools in Cincinnati. I walk in like I own that. I feel like my attitude’s changed – I’m not just trying to get bodies in there, to keep ratios, I actually feel like it’s a privilege to work for this company.

A year ago, I was actually physically ill. My blood pressure was up, I was working a 60-hour week. My husband, he was just beside himself at how much I was working. I just wasn’t present for anybody. It was rough. I was kind of in emergency mode. It was not good. I can’t thank you enough.

I just think what I learned from you has just, like a landslide, fixed my life. Thank you. 

Missy Griffin | Owner, Growing Room Preschool


So, what are you going to get?

Here’s what’s different about the Systems for Success Virtual Event.

We’re not just delivering content (and only content – no sponsors!)…

EVERY SINGLE SESSION is a workshop – that means you’ll be doing actual WORK building out each system we teach you IN REAL TIME.

You’ll have all the right tools and systems in place to ensure that unexpected snags and challenges are at a minimum- can you imagine how that would feel. 

  The Self Mastery System ($997 Value)

The Communication System: The 4 Shields ($497 Value)

The Boundary System ($297 Value) 

The Culture of Accountability ($297 Value)

The Emotional Honesty in Words System ($297 Value)

Licensed Clinical Psychologist + Keynote Speaker, Dr. Sherry Walling (5,000 Value)

Trauma Specialist + Keynote Speaker, Dr. Fox ($5,000 Value)

4 Ted Talks led by School Leaders ($997 value)

BONUS: The Summit of Excellence Workbook ($197 Value)

BONUS: The Difficult Conversations Template ($97 Value)

BONUS: Slidedeck on How to Train Staff to Apologize & Take Personal Responsibility ($197 value)

Total Value: $13,873
Your Price Today: $500

Show Up as The Best Leader You Can Be


  • Learn the principles of communication and true leadership so that you can guide your staff to take ownership of their challenges and decisions
  • Put the right systems into place so that you’re able to step into the visionary role that you’re truly mean to be in
  • Work on developing YOURSELF as a mentor and leader which will in turn ripple out to the staff, the parents, and the students

 The 5 Systems for Success:


The Self-Mastery System (value: $997)

To run a school of excellence, you need to be your best self. To lead during an EMOTIONAL VOLATILE TIME you must know how to operate. 

But your best self isn’t the same as anyone else’s. As tempting as it is to try to create an ideal day like Oprah or Tony Robbins, your life is different. Your version of peak performance is exclusive to you. That’s why you can’t create a miracle morning based on someone else’s blueprint. They may not have any kids, or they may not prioritize what you do. (For me? I have to go swimming once a week! 

The Self-Mastery System walks you through exercises so you can learn what self-mastery looks like for YOU. You’ll take the time to understand who you are and what you need to be a peak performer.

In this session, you’ll:

  • Learn a reflective process to determine your peak performance
  • Create a custom checklist designed for YOU and what you truly need
  • Stop worrying about what other people’s ideal day looks like, and start creating your own.  



The Cost of Caring: Navigating Compassion Fatigue in the Midst of Crisis (Value: $5,000)

Keynote by Dr. Sherry Walling, Psychologist 

You are a nurturer and a caretaker. That’s what makes you such a great leader. The shadow side to that is that you CARE and you worry a lot about your staff. You want them to be OK and truly be there for them…There is a COST to that.  

 In this session, Dr. Sherry Walling will teach you: 

  • What is compassion fatigue?
  • What factors increase the chances that you’ll experience this?
  • How to provide emotional support for your team members?
  • Strategies to maintain interpersonal and professional boundaries
  •  What does sustainable care look like?


      The Communication System (value: priceless!)

      Have you ever wished you knew how to communicate better with your teachers? The secret is there is no one system! The Communication System teaches my proprietary process, The 4 Shields™ Of the Difficult Conversation communication, – which are: crying, blaming, deflection, and victimhood.

      Learning these 4 shields will prepare you to interact with teachers as they put them up. When a teacher starts crying, you’ll understand where she’s coming from and be able to communicate in a way that she can receive and respond to. When a teacher starts to blame someone or something instead of taking responsibility, you’ll know what to do. These are actual skills you can and will learn in this session.

       In this session, you’ll

      • Understand the 4 Shields™ and how they are used
      • Develop the tools you need to enter conversations prepared like a pro
      • Learn how to create and implement a communication system in your school


        The Culture of Accountability System (value: $997)

        Wish your staff had emotional maturity?

        Do you wonder if you can train people to accept feedback?

        Ever dream about your team knowing how to apologize, let it go and move on?

        Do you wish your team just asked you for what they need, so you didn’t need to play a guessing game and then referee, coach and lawyer?!

        These are CRITICAL skills in this season.

         In this 2 part session, you’ll

        • Learn how to train your staff to ASK for what they need
        • How to create a GIVE and TAKE board which is a foundational skill in emotional maturity
        • How to apologize for mistakes (there is an actual system in this and once you learn it, you can guide your staff to do the same)

        There will be LOTS of mess-ups in the coming months and creating a culture where mistakes are embraced and people know how to OWN up and accept responsibility and move on will be the difference of riding this season or coming to your knees!


        The Rules of Return (value: $5000)

        Led By Dr. Fox

        Many of you have returned to your schools, some of you never left and many of you have yet to open your doors. 

        Whatever phase you are in, you all have one thing in common. 

        All of your staff have endured some component of loss.

        Loss of a loved one, loss of finances, loss of identity, loss of the world as they once knew, loss of security and certainty.

        When there is loss there is a NEED for a processing period.

        In this session, Dr. Fox will teach you: 

        • What is catastrophic trauma?
        • How to create a process for mental hygiene for your staff?
        • What communication standards to create for the team?
        • How to ensure your staff don’t “contaminate” the classrooms with their own baggage?
        • Specific talking points and checklists to make these simple for you and your team

         THEME for this years event:

        If you’ve been attending educational events full of


        • charismatic speakers who whip you into a frenzy of good intentions (but don’t really help you follow through)
        • sponsors and booths that are hawking their products throughout the entire day so that you can barely focus on what you want to learn
        • crowds and crowds of confused directors just like you, wandering around and probably wondering why they bothered taking time away from their families and schools in the first place…

        You’re going to LOVE The Systems for Success Virtual Event.

        TED Talks

        3 owners and directors share a specific skill and system in 5 minutes. You want to hear from fellow owners and directors on specific systems that they have implemented in their schools based on the schools of excellence. 


        1:1 Meeting System

        Meeting with teachers 1:1 can be incredibly effective—if the meetings are run well. But how do you know if your 1:1 meetings are doing their job?

        In this 5 minute presentation, you’ll learn:

        • How to create an effective 1:1 meeting system
        • How to structure meetings to be efficient, effective and informative
        • How to use your 1:1 meeting template with reflective questions


        Culture of Gratitude

        If you feel like you want staff that are motivated, committed to your school culture and are excited to show up and be their best selves. 

        In this session, you’ll learn:

        • What is gratitude 
        • How to do effectively that doesn’t take a lot of time
        • How it builds the foundation of great culture


          Solution Oriented Culture

          Guiding staff to solve their own problems and come up with solutions is part of building a culture of excellence. Sometimes it can feel exhausting. what if there was an effective simple system you can follow? 

          In this 5 minute talk, you’ll learn:

          • The 2 option solution system
          • How to introduce to your team 

          Meaningful, worthwhile, and of very high caliber!

          “Chanie! You have incredible drive and vision, and have created something meaningful, worthwhile, and of very high caliber! Kol Hakavod and may it go from strength to strength!

          The practical ideas and strategies, the support around creating standards and mapping out goals, breaking down the steps – it has given me confidence and drive to reach my next goals.

          I left with tangible steps and strategies as well as tools to implement them to bring my school up a notch!”

          Leah Shemtov

          What you’re getting all bundled up:

            The Self Mastery System ($997 Value)

          The Communication System: The 4 Shields ($497 Value)

          The Boundary System ($297 Value) 

          The Culture of Accountability ($297 Value)

          The Emotional Honesty in Words System ($297 Value)

          Licensed Clinical Psychologist + Keynote Speaker, Dr. Sherry Walling (5,000 Value)

          Trauma Specialist + Keynote Speaker, Dr. Fox ($5,000 Value)

          4 Ted Talks led by School Leaders ($997 value)

          BONUS: The Summit of Excellence Workbook ($197 Value)

          BONUS: The Difficult Conversations Template ($97 Value)

          BONUS: Slidedeck on How to Train Staff to Apologize & Take Personal Responsibility ($197 value)

          Total Value: $13,873
          Your Price Today: $500

          And don’t forget all of the bonuses that are included!

          The Summit of Excellence Workbook (value: $197)

          This workbook is going to be your Bible of Excellence for the next year – and you’ll be using it in every session to do your system building and planning! Again – there are no sponsors. No ads. No gigantic photos of Chanie for dramatic effect. Just hands-on, workshop-optimized pages in a high-quality binding.

          The Difficult Conversations Template (value: $97)

          This workbook is the holy grail of difficult conversations. You’ll be guided how to prep for them, guidance from begging to end of the conversation and what to do when you encounter roadblocks. 

          Slide Deck of How to Train Staff to Apologize (value: $197)

          In the culture of accountability
          I’m teaching what a heartfelt apology is
          And one of the things I’m creating is a slide deck for you to use when you train your staff. 
          BONUS: Full Slidedeck prepped for Staff Training on How to Train Staff to Apologize and Take Personal Responsibility

          By far the best event I’ve ever been to…

          “Hi Chanie! Just wanted to say thank you again for a great event.

          Val and I have traveled across the country in the last two years quite a few times to attend various trainings and I have to say that yours, by far, is best I have ever been to!

          Your passion shines through and your knowledge is priceless! Looking forward to joining your Inner Circle in the future and growing and learning from you and all of the wonderful people in your groups.”

          Valerie Peterson and Melissa Vasquez





          The Schools of Excellence Story

          The Summit of Excellence started three years as a small workshop in my living room for 15 school leaders. I was six months pregnant with my fourth child, standing in front of these school directors and owners packed in like sardines on my old couch. We have video of that event, thanks to a local guy I hired, and everyone snacked on bagels from our neighborhood bagel shop. Everyone was so inspired by such a small gathering, and I knew this was the start of something important.

          Because it was truly transformational for everyone who attended, we opened it up to 50 people the next year. We moved out of my living room and into a rented space, complete with event manager who kept things running like a dream. Guest speakers put on their mikes and walked to the front of the room to share their expertise while everyone snacked on delicious catered food — no more bagels!  

          And last year we had 120 school leaders fly in from all over the world! People from Nigeria and Ghana, all over Canada, and 30 states met on the rooftop of an elegant Brooklyn hotel. We got to know each other over carefully selected meals, mapped out our entire year together, and listened to our celebrity speaker, Todd Herman, blew us away with his session.  

          This year with COVID-19 we are unable to host our in-person event experience. But we have moved it online with a one day of incredible content that is pertaining to what you are dealing with right now!  

          But what about…

          If you’re worried that “this won’t work for my school” take a listen to what these school directors from ALL over and with COMPLETELY different school philosophies said… 

          It’s getting at least $6000 in your pocket…

          If not more!

          Here’s the deal. 

          I KNOW that you will love the Systems for Success Virtual Event.

          Just think – by retaining just ONE teacher over the course of the year, you’ve already saved at least $6,000.

          And that’s just one – most of our students are able to decrease turnover significantly after they attend our events!

          Imagine yourself at this time next year.

          You’re out of survival mode, out of chaos, and now you can start dreaming bigger dreams.

          The fact is, you can make a choice right now… stick with the same strategies and tactics that aren’t working… or attend this event and CHANGE YOUR LIFE?

          Don’t you owe this to yourself? You be the judge… 

          Don’t forget you get all of this!

            The Self Mastery System ($997 Value)

          The Communication System: The 4 Shields ($497 Value)

          The Boundary System ($297 Value) 

          The Culture of Accountability ($297 Value)

          The Emotional Honesty in Words System ($297 Value)

          Licensed Clinical Psychologist + Keynote Speaker, Dr. Sherry Walling (5,000 Value)

          Trauma Specialist + Keynote Speaker, Dr. Fox ($5,000 Value)

          4 Ted Talks led by School Leaders ($997 value)

          BONUS: The Summit of Excellence Workbook ($197 Value)

          BONUS: The Difficult Conversations Template ($97 Value)

          BONUS: Slidedeck on How to Train Staff to Apologize & Take Personal Responsibility ($197 value)

           Total Value: $13,873

          You Get it Today for: $500

          Frequently Asked Questions

          Is The Systems for Success for me?

          The Systems for Success is for owners and directors who:

          • Want to be more successful in your school
          • Want to become a better mentor to your team
          • Want to create systems to make your life easier
          • Want to bring your team together and have everyone on the same page
          • Want to make more time in your day
          • Want to free up space in your brain to have more mental capacity
          Who is the Systems for Success NOT for?

          The Systems for Success is NOT for you if:

          – You want to spend two days being pitched to by sponsors

          – You want to spend hours browsing vendors

          – You want to learn how to make silly putty


          This event has no sponsors, just content.

          This event has no vendors, just content.

          This event values your time, and isn’t going to waste it teaching stuff you can Google.

          This event is pure, valuable content and implementable action plans that, over the next year, will result in…

          – Major savings of your time

          – Major savings of your money

          – Major savings of your well-being

          Where is the event taking place?

          The comfort of your own home! 

          Can I purchase multiple tickets?

          Yes, you can purchase multiple tickets. Please email support@chanie.me for more information.